Conference Schedule

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Conference will take place in Tallinn University premises room T-324 (Aula)  in Narva mnt 25 10120 Tallinn Estonia. For questions please send an e-mail to

20th, Wednesday, 1st Day

09:00 Opening Words*
Morning Session – Moderator Mart Susi

Rights relating to identity and personality

Rights of Older Persons

09:30 1st Session Author Luis Humberto Toro Utillano
10:00 1st Session Commentator Tiina Pajuste

Disability Rights

10:30 2nd Session Author – Beate Rudolf
11:00 2nd Session Commentator – Rosemary Kayess

11:30 Coffee Break

Right to Gender Identity

12:00 3rd Session Author – Holning Lau
12:30 3rd Session Commentator – Jens Theilen

13:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Moderator Andreas von Arnauld

Indigenous Rights

13:30 4th Session Author – Dinah Shelton
14:00 4th Session Commentator – Fergus Mckay

Rights relating to new technologies

Right to Internet Access

14:30 5th Session Author – Oreste Pollicino
15:00 5th Session Commentator – Başak Çalı

15:30 Coffee Break

Genetic Rights

16:00 6th Session Author – Roberto Andorno
16:30 6th Session Commentator – Judit Sándor

Right to be Forgotten

17:00 7th Session Author – Mart Susi
17:30 7th Session Commentator – Pablo A. Palazzi


21st, Thursday, 2nd Day

Morning Session – Moderator Andreas Von Arnauld

Rights relating to new technologies – continuing

Right to mental integrity

09:00 1st Session Author – Jan-Christoph Bublitz
09:30 1st Session Commentator – Sabine Michalowski

Reproductive Rights

10:00 2nd Session Author – Mindy Jane Roseman
10:30 2nd Session Commentator – Eva Brems

11:00 Coffee Break

Right to bodily integrity

11:30 3rd Session Author – Adrien M. Viens
12:00 3rd Session Commentator – Thomas Douglas

12:30 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Moderator Kerstin Odendahl

Animal Rights

13:30 4th Session Author – Tomasz Pietrzykowski
14:00 4th Session Commentator – Yoriko Otomo

Rights to well-being

Right to water

14:30 5th Session Author – Danwood M. Chirwa
15:00 5th Session Commentator – Pierre Thielbörger

15:30 Coffee Break

Right to housing and to land

16:00 6th Session Author Miloon Kothari
16:30 6th Session Commentator Jérémie Gilbert

Right to a clean environment and rights of the environment

17:00 7th Session Author Günther Handl
17:30 7th Session Commentator Luis E. Rodriguez


22nd, Friday, 3rd Day

Morning Session – Moderator Kerstin Odendahl

Rights relating to the exercise of public authority

Right to Democracy

09:00 1st Session Author – Sigrid Boysen
09:30 1st Session Commentator – Samantha Besson

Right to Freedom from Corruption

10:00 2nd Session Author – Andrew Spalding
10:30 2nd Session Commentator – Kolawole Olaniyan

11:00 Coffee Break

Right to Good Administration

11:30 3rd Session Author – Hugh Corder
12:00 3rd Session Commentator – Bucura Mihaescu Evans

12:30 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session – Moderator Mart Susi

Rights of Acess to Justice

13:30 4th Session Author – Simon Rice
14:00 4th Session Commentator – Janneke Gerards

Right to Diplomatic and Consular Protection

14:30 5th Session Author – David P. Stewart
15:00 5th Session Commentator – Frédéric Mégret

15:30 Coffee Break

Rights Relating to Enforced Disappearance

16:00 6th Session Author – María Clara Galvis Patiño
16:30 6th Session Commentator Kohki Abe

17:00 Closing Words**