Frédéric Mégret

Mc Gill University

Frédéric Mégret is an Associate Professor of Law. In March 2015, he was made a William Dawson Scholar by McGill University. He held the Canada Research Chair on the Law of Human Rights and Legal Pluralism from 2006 to 2015.

Before joining the University of McGill, Professor Mégret was an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Toronto, a Boulton fellow at McGill University and a research associate at the European University Institute in Florence.

Professor Mégret is the author of “Le Tribunal pénal international pour le Rwanda” (Pedone, 2002). He is currently co-editing the second edition of “The United Nations and Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal” (Oxford University Press, 2014) with Professor Philip Alston.

Professor Mégret’s interests lie in the theoretical dimensions of international criminal justice, international human rights law and international humanitarian law, as well as general international law. He has long been interested in developing theories about the nature of international criminal justice, increasingly tackling both international law/international relations issues (including the relationship of international tribunals to state sovereignty, the role of complementarity) and criminal law aspects (including international criminal procedure, reparations to victims and practices of stigmatization).

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