Dr. Tiina Pajuste


Lecturer in International and European Law, Tallinn University

Her research interests focus mainly on the activity of international organisations, examining both practical and theoretical issues that arise in this context. Her previous work has concentrated on accountability and legality in connection with international territorial administration and in general. Her current research focuses on treaty law, peace-making and facilitating peaceful dispute settlement between parties in internal conflict.

Prior to joining the project, Dr Pajuste worked for the former Director of the Centre, Professor James Crawford, conducting research on various issues of public international law and international investment law, drafting legal opinions in both fields, and providing editorial assistance. She has also been a Research Fellow at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights (University of Helsinki), where she wrote a research report on mainstreaming human rights in the context of the European Security and Defence Policy, which was subsequently published by the Institute.

Dr Pajuste completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge on “Accountability Mechanisms for International Organisations”. Before starting the PhD, she did the Diploma in International Law at Cambridge, on a related topic of accountability of international territorial administrations. She also holds a LLM in Public International Law from the University of Helsinki (Finland) and a BA from the University of Tartu (Estonia).

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