Launch of the new journal

Task leader: WSI
Other involved partner: All
Duration: Months 18-36


After the launch of the website and the announcement of the call for papers, the publishing process will start. TLU members will have to choose possible authors for the first volume as well as start with the peer review process once the first papers have been sent to Tallinn. The papers accepted for publication will have to be edited, corrected and made suitable for publication. These tasks will need several months of work. At the end the first volume of the journal will be published.
In order to achieve this, two colleagues from TLU will be invited to Kiel for the period of 6 days (2 travels, each one lasting 3 days) and for two longer visit lasting up to 21 days for the purpose of getting introduced to the concept, the profile, the peer review and the publication process of the GYIL. WSI will conduct 1 internal workshop of 5 days in Tallinn with the goal of introducing the TLU members into the details of the peer review and the publication process.


Role of partners

WSI will lead the task of making the first peer review and publication process, relying on its experience with the GYIL. TLU will be doing the work itself, i.e. writing to possible authors, organizing the peer review process, correcting and editing the papers, and launching the first volume. DIHR will provide suggestions on peer to peer basis on editing