Book publication

Task leader: WSI
Other involved partners: TLU, DIHR
Duration: Months 19-36.


The conference papers and the commentaries will form the basis of a book to be published by an internationally renowned publishing house in order to disseminate the results of the conference, but also to sustainably link the topic of “new” human rights with TLU. A book launch event in Tallinn including a podium discussion on the general topic of “new human rights” will mark the publication in spring 2019.

Role of the partners

WSI will actively support TLU in the editing process, given its experience in editing publications as evidenced by the German Yearbook of International Law (see WP 2) and the WSI’s publication series now close to its 200th number. Since the contributors will get the opportunity to adjust their papers according to insights gained during the conference, this process will also need close coordination by all partners and intensive communication with contributors and commentators alike.


Book launch reception