General management

Task leader: TLU
Other involved partners: ALL
Duration: Months 1-36.


The objective of this task is to ensure efficient and effective management of project resources in given time-frame:

  • Organizing kick-off meeting, final meeting and of other regular intermediate meetings of project team.
  • Establishment and management of communication channels and procedures Establishment project management procedures and good practice
  • Establishment of the procedures to assure quality standards and risk management Contract administration (consortium agreement and grant agreement) Administration of financial resources of the project
  • Instruction of work-package leaders to ensure on time reporting to funding body Communication with funding body (European Commission)
  • Preparation of materials for Monitoring and Advisory Board and other (internal) events to assess the advancement of project
  • Management of unexpected problems and conflicts; responsible for clarifications to involved parties
  • Internal management of coordinators team and related departments at TLU

Role of partners

All the partners have to participate in the general project management, playing an active part and attending to the meetings; to arrange internal management of their team at their university; submission Work Package deliverables according agreed time- schedule