Preparation of the international scientific conference

Task leader: WSI
Other involved partners: ALL
Duration: Months 7-19


The international conference will take place in Tallinn in September 2017 (see also activities WP5). Apart from the contributors it will be open to an interested public of senior and junior researchers as well as media representatives. At this conference, the participants of the workshop will present the final versions of the paper on their respective “new” rights taking into account the cross-cutting observations made during the workshop. Each of the presentations will be commented on by another expert before entering into a discussion with the auditorium. Commentators will ideally represent a different voice, either by representing another world region or another political position. This should underline the contentious status of most of the “new” rights.

Role of the partners

WSI will support the TLU in preparing and organising the conference by giving advice and helping “on spot”. There will also be close cooperation in using existing and forming new networks for advertising the conference in the relevant scientific communities. The substantive side, however, needs especially close coordination. Already in preparing the 2016 workshop, but also in preparing the 2017 conference, individual research will have to be guided by comparing and adjusting research questions, by selecting commentators and introducing them into the project. This work will be divided equally (though in close cooperation) between the TLU and the WSI. DIHR will contribute to the conference.