Planning: analyses, consultations, first strategy

Task leader: DIHR
Other involved partners: TLU, WSI
Duration: Months 3-6.


Based on the needs assessment and resource overview, and drawing on their own experiences, a commission consisting of representatives from TLU, DIHR and WSIIL will develop a strategy for organizational developments. The Commission will first analyse the structural or organizational challenges of the centre, including attention to the relevant regulatory frameworks for implementing organizational changes and establishing new bodies under the auspices of the research centre (e.g. the doctoral school and new departments). The Commission will then analyse the integration of the research centre into European research networks, including the creation of communication channels for publication, strategic partnerships and European research priorities. DIHR will then prepare a strategy for future activities, structure and operation.

Two TLU colleagues will be invited to DIHR for 3 weeks to get acquainted with the operation o DIHR. This will include meetings and participation in the daily activities. If necessary, a longer visit will be organized. DIHR will organize two internal workshops, one in Tallinn in 2016 and one in Copenhagen 2017. In addition, academic and administrative leaders of TLU will pay shorter visits to DIHR for additional input.

The activity will produce a paper assessing TLU research the initial matters of the centre’s launching issues – (soon after the start of the project); a paper outlining the plan of action (around 1/3 through), and a paper assessing the institutional changes and implementation of the recommendations (at the end of the project).