Methods and narratives

Task leader: DIHR
Other involved partners: TLU, WSI
Duration: Months 6-36.


PhD course (2016)

DIHR will host a PhD course on Methods and Narratives in Human Rights Research, inviting contributors from the edited volume Human Rights Research Methods: Key Issues and Approaches to present their work, including researchers from Chr. Michelsen Institute, Åbo Academy and others. Researchers from Tallinn will serve as discussants. PhD students from Latvia, Denmark as well as elsewhere are invited to participate. The student journal Universal editors will be also involved. The PhD course will be held in extension of a workshop for DIHR and Tallinn researchers on the same topic.

Workshop 2016 (DIHR)

Methods and Narratives in Human Rights Research.
DIHR and Tallinn will co-organize a two-day workshop at DIHR with the participation of researchers from both institutions as well as the authors of the edited volume Human Rights Research Methods. In the workshop, participants will present their research on the topics in question, providing feed-back to each other and discussing possibilities for joint research projects and other activities related to the topic. The workshop will produce a small discussion paper, based on input from participants.

Research visits

Prior to the workshop and PhD course in 2016, TLU staff is invited to spend 3 weeks at DIHR, taking part in the organization and preparing their presentations for the workshop and the course.

Role of partners

Contribution to thematic workshops and ongoing projects, networking and joint research proposals, researh papers.