Preparatory workshop

Task leader: WSI
Other involved partners: ALL
Duration: Months 1-7.


The preparatory workshop will bring together 20 international experts for a first round of discussion. Each is supposed to present a draft paper on a specific “new” right. The discussion will aim at identifying recurrent features and peculiarities of legal and political discourse in the field which deserve closer scrutiny. The results of the workshop will serve as a road-map for further research leading to the international conference in 2018.

Role of the partners

The preliminary workshop will be held in September 2016 in Kiel, given the WSI’s seasoned experience in hosting international workshops and conferences, the last being the Institute’s 100th anniversary conference on “Peace through Law” in September 2014. By closely cooperating with the WSI’s academic and administrative personnel in preparing the workshop, TLU will get the possibility to take measure for the following year’s conference.