Dissemination of project results to academic community, involvement of policy makers and other stakeholders

Task leader: TLU
Other involved partners: ALL
Duration: Months 1-36


To organise international scientific conferences and participate in international conferences to disseminate the results of the project; arrange and take part in events where direct communication and discussions between stakeholders, policy makers and project partners leads exploitation and sustainability of attained project results. The progress, milestones and events of the project are communicated to academic community via electronic as well public dissemination events.

  • WSI will organise international scientific conference “New Human Rights “in 2017 (in cooperation with TLU, in Estonia).
  • DIHR will organise international scientific conference Challenges to the Universality of Human Rights (in cooperation with TLU, 2018, Denmark).

Role of partners

All partners organize thematic conferences, contribute to each other’s conferences; all partners actively take part international conferences and other events to promote project outcomes and activities among policymakers and other stakeholders. All partners keep record on conferences they organized and participated: agendas, conclusions and list of participants. All partners actively organize/attend events where dissemination of project outcomes and promotion of project partners leads to cooperation with different stakeholders’ and exploitation of the of project outcomes.